Factors to Consider When Buying Folding Electric Bikes

Electric folding bikes are becoming more and more common on the streets, on trains and buses, in offices and apartment hallways but all this is justified. It is quite lucrative to have a bike that you can easily fold to fit into your suitcase and use it late to power through a few miles without breaking a sweat. There are more and more companies that are competing to produce the ultimate electric folding bike or e-bike as some people may know it. This makes it hard to buy one knowing you can trust both the product and the manufacturer. You can read more here on this article because it will help you to find out how you can make the best purchase and never regret.
Find one that uses a simple hub motor. Get more info on Green Bike USA. Most of the electric folding bikes use hub motors. Hub motors have several advantages that give them the edge over their competitors the mid-drive which is growing in popularity. The hub motors are more preferred since they are small and do not take up much space on the bike. Some variations use both front and back hub motors while others will use oy one. However, a back hub motor results in a bike with more natural steering compared to one with a front hub motor.
Look at the number of watts. A 250-watt motor powers most bikes but some come with variations that enable it to hit higher figures albeit for a limited period. However, watts alone are not enough to make you change your mind. Look at the torque as this is what shows you the oomph a motor provides. With higher torque, a motor can generate more power enabling you to accelerate fast. See page for more info. This comes at the expense of higher energy consumption. The amount of time you can go without a charge depends on the capacity; if it is big enough, then you can ride for many hours before you have it charged.
Look at the size of the tires as they affect how much the bike can be folded. With fat tires, you get less folding capacity. However, this should not be the basis of your decision. Look at the terrain you will be riding in. If you are thinking of going off-roading regularly, a folding fat tire bike is the way to go because those four-inch-wide tires will soak up a lot of rough trails.
Learn more from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SneQ0sTM1Lk.

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